Team Spotlight: Project Engineer Jeff Hadley


San Luis Obispo commercial developers listen up. Here’s the deal. Our commercial construction company has grown significantly over the past six months and the time has come to shine a light on those making Abbott | Reed even better than before – starting with kick-ass Project Engineer, Jeff Hadley. Read on for his candid responses to our *official* questionnaire.

What do you love about being a Project Engineer?

I love that I get to be completely emerged in the details of the project and that I get to spend a lot of time in the field working with the subcontractors directly. This allows me to be connected to the actual building process, which fulfills a certain sense of pride.

What specific types of projects really float your boat?

It’s hard to say, as this is the first project I’ve been on so far with Abbott | Reed. But I can say I’ll never look at an RV Resort the same way again. The shear amount of underground infrastructure required is outstanding.

What’s your day-to-day like at Abbott | Reed?

My day to day is constantly changing; it really is like shooting a moving target. The consistencies from day-to-day always include checking emails, site walks and coordinating on and off site subcontractors. Broadly, I work a lot on tracking progress, scheduling, ensuring we have the proper documentation for the products we’re using and quality control in the field.

What’s the best part(s) about living on the Central Coast?

What’s not to like!? We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place that is still holding true to it’s old-time vibes and hasn’t seen the effects of the population growth that many places in California are experiencing.

Specific things I love about the Central Coast include Lake Nacimiento, Pozo La Panza OHV area and downtown SLO. The fact that we have so many local breweries and wineries is also a plus.

Any curious hobbies or personal interests you’d like to describe?

Well, I am an avid water skier and love spending summer days at Lake Naci. In the spring I spend a lot of time riding my dirt bike, although it’s never enough.

The one thing I do wish the Central Coast had is better access to snow skiing; as it’s a sport I grew up with but haven’t been able to partake in much since moving here. Although last winter, my Roommate and I spent 6 weeks on the road with a cab-over camper on my truck traveling the Western US and Canada skiing over 11 different resorts and covering over 10,000 miles.

I actually signed my offer letter for this job at a bar in the small town of Golden, British Columbia and emailed it back the same day from a local print shop. Good times!

  • One of my goals for the next five years is to obtain my private pilot license and eventually I’d love to fly helicopters.
  • Growing up my family would call me the walking accident because I am very clumsy and always seem to be getting hurt. In fact, I broke my first bone when I was 2, and have been to the ER on over 10 different occasions in my life. (Now thinking about it, that’s a bad fact to directly follow wanting to be a pilot. Haha!)
  • I spent the summer of 2015 studying abroad in Prague and traveling parts of Europe. My favorite countries to visit are Ireland and Greece. Germany is pretty neat too.
  • I hate Bloody Marys and Micheladas, but I love tomatoes.
  • I haven’t had a TV in my house, regardless of where I was living, since 2012 and have never missed it!

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