Abbott | Reed Builders: Central Coast Brewing


Abbott | Reed's latest commercial construction project-Central Coast Brewing
Photos credited to Central Coast Brewing


Here at Abbott | Reed Builders, we’re fired up about our latest San Luis Obispo commercial construction project—the new location for Central Coast Brewing. This building is 12,000 square feet and combines a restaurant, brewery, and brewpub. Along with a full kitchen, the space includes 48 taps, a large outdoor patio area, and numerous games and entertainment.

This is the second location for one of San Luis Obispo’s favorite local breweries, which opened the first location back in 1998. The grand opening of the new venue took place on the 20th anniversary of Central Coast Brewing. Be sure to visit this new location at 6 Higuera Street, just south of Downtown San Luis Obispo. They’re open every single day of the week.

The new space is a huge expansion for Central Coast Brewing, and will allow them to increase their production significantly. We’re big-time fans.

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