Modern Industrial Design Principles


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Here at Abbott | Reed, we aren’t into templates or one-size-fits-all solutions. We pride ourselves on crafting modern spaces while also pushing the boundaries of creative execution.

Whether you’re launching a local brewery or revving up a new restaurant and bar, our San Luis Obispo construction company is on top of one of the strongest trends in commercial design: industrial features. Today our Abbott | Reed Builders are sharing 5 principles of industrial design, and the way they’re influencing commercial spaces in 2019.

Rough Brick or Concrete Walls

Getting the perfect industrial warehouse look is all about proudly displaying building materials, especially brick or concrete walls. Our builders are stoked to have brought out the best in our latest industrial design project, SLO Brew, by uncovering the gorgeous brick layouts and accenting them with colorful lights and warm wood flooring.

Exposed Pipes and Ducts

Another key feature of industrial spaces is exposed pipes and ducts. Leaving raw elements eliminates the need for further construction, and creates an edgy look. If your commercial space lacks these exposed features, another way to get this style is through exposed pipe furniture with metal tubes and polished brackets.

Wood and Metal Surfaces

Industrial-style interiors call for extra wood and metal, everywhere. Whatever can be exposed is ideal, but this look can also be accomplished through wood paneling, metal bar tables, and through the use of colors such as weathered grey and dark brown.

Vintage Furniture 

Industrial design enthusiasts are all about raw materials, but these edgy features need to be balanced through softer furniture touches. Velvet vintage pieces give a pop of color to a rough space, and other chairs and couches with fur add a stylish flair.

Statement Lighting

Let’s talk lighting. The lighting in industrial spaces should be warm white (especially if it’s a restaurant or bar) to create a more intimate atmosphere. From iron statement pendants to matte metallic chandeliers, go bold with industrial lighting.

Although industrial features are growing more and more popular, our builders are all about making it your own. Our work with SLO Brew and Central Coast Brewing are great examples of ways our builders have crafted unique spaces that our community loves. When you’re ready to make your commercial design dreams a reality, count on our San Luis Obispo construction company to be there every step of the way. Our friendly team is available at (805) 543-7277.