Creating Comfort in Commercial Space


Creating comfort in commercial Space

Commercial spaces don’t need to glare, echo, intimidate or bore. Our San Luis Obispo commercial contractors share 10 ways their favorite designers make interiors more inviting.

Welcome Nature

Add plants, the gentle burble of water in a fountain or fish tank, views or images of the outdoors, and colors and patterns found in nature. 

Warm Up the Lighting

The Kelvin (K) scale measures color temperature, which affects the look and feel of the light produced by a bulb. Stick with warm whites in the 2,000K-3,000K range to create a cozy, calm and inviting space. For task lighting, swap out blue-toned “daylight” bulbs (4,600K-6500K) for “cool white” (3,100K-4,500K) to get a bright, vibrant feel.

Combine Textures and Patterns

Everything doesn’t need to match, it just needs to go well together. Have fun with textures and patterns. Find something in common, such as a color tone or repeated shape, to keep things interesting without being irritating.

Embrace Color

White on the walls isn’t as safe as some people think. White can feel crisp and clean, or harsh and intimidating. Color is an easy way to set the tone in your space. Here’s a pro tip. When selecting a color, start with a rug, furniture piece or accessory that speaks to you, then find a compatible paint color. It’s much easier to find the right paint color than to find pieces to match a paint color you’ve already committed to.

Mix Materials

If function dictates cold, hard surfaces somewhere, counteract the effects with softer materials. Mix them to make the space feel welcoming. Fabrics, flooring, and plants will improve acoustics and comfort levels.

Vary Heights

Eyes like somewhere to go. A room full of single-height furniture feels awkward. Vary the level of things within a room. Indoor trees, wall decorations, and light from floor or table lamps, pendant lights or wall sconces can give eyes a nice tour of a room.

Increase Interest

Choose interesting accessories, pleasantly and invitingly displayed. It’s not a museum, so have fun tucking unusual things into unexpected places.

Make it Familiar 

People relax more easily around things that feel familiar. Today’s easy-to-clean, stain-resistant materials allow plush lounge chairs, comfortable sofas, fun area rugs, and interesting window treatments to make an appearance without busting the cleaning or furnishing budgets.

Diversify Seating Options

Seating in reception or gathering areas doesn’t need to be limited to chairs lined up against a wall or around a table. Pieces in flexible informal groupings will invite and inspire conversation.

Add Art

 Art doesn’t just add interest to a space, it adds soul. Use artwork to enliven spaces, provoke emotion, and inspire curiosity. Paintings, sculpture, photography, and ceramics can be a launch-pad for conversation. Bonus points for supporting local artists or selecting pieces with regional influence.

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