Abbott | Reed Communities: Noveno Observations, Appreciation, and an Invitation!


Parkway Homes at Noveno San Luis Obispo CA

Noveno is a collection of 23 single-family Avenue homes and 44 single-family Parkway homes in San Luis Obispo, California. In this contemporary place opportunities for connection are built-in, from colorful community spaces to convenient bike paths, and a play area for all ages.

We’ll be enjoying Noveno with new and future residents at a block party Saturday, March 7th, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Can you join us? Follow this link for more info and let us know you’ll be there!

Abbott | Reed Custom Homes: Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2020

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Interior Design Trends 2020

Biophilic design, still on the rise in architecture, acknowledges the many ways nature interacts with and contributes to physical and emotional wellbeing. Mindful integration of elements from the natural environment within built environments helps people feel connected and grounded. It’s no surprise that many of 2020’s interior design trends are influenced by this architectural trend. Our custom home builders explain in today’s blog.

Creating Comfort in Commercial Space


Creating comfort in commercial Space

Commercial spaces don’t need to glare, echo, intimidate or bore. Our San Luis Obispo commercial contractors share 10 ways their favorite designers make interiors more inviting.

Welcome Nature

Add plants, the gentle burble of water in a fountain or fish tank, views or images of the outdoors, and colors and patterns found in nature. 

Warm Up the Lighting

The Kelvin (K) scale measures color temperature, which affects the look and feel of the light produced by a bulb. Stick with warm whites in the 2,000K-3,000K range to create a cozy, calm and inviting space. For task lighting, swap out blue-toned “daylight” bulbs (4,600K-6500K) for “cool white” (3,100K-4,500K) to get a bright, vibrant feel.

Combine Textures and Patterns

Everything doesn’t need to match, it just needs to go well together. Have fun with textures and patterns. Find something in common, such as a color tone or repeated shape, to keep things interesting without being irritating.

Embrace Color

White on the walls isn’t as safe as some people think. White can feel crisp and clean, or harsh and intimidating. Color is an easy way to set the tone in your space. Here’s a pro tip. When selecting a color, start with a rug, furniture piece or accessory that speaks to you, then find a compatible paint color. It’s much easier to find the right paint color than to find pieces to match a paint color you’ve already committed to.

Mix Materials

If function dictates cold, hard surfaces somewhere, counteract the effects with softer materials. Mix them to make the space feel welcoming. Fabrics, flooring, and plants will improve acoustics and comfort levels.

Vary Heights

Eyes like somewhere to go. A room full of single-height furniture feels awkward. Vary the level of things within a room. Indoor trees, wall decorations, and light from floor or table lamps, pendant lights or wall sconces can give eyes a nice tour of a room.

Increase Interest

Choose interesting accessories, pleasantly and invitingly displayed. It’s not a museum, so have fun tucking unusual things into unexpected places.

Make it Familiar 

People relax more easily around things that feel familiar. Today’s easy-to-clean, stain-resistant materials allow plush lounge chairs, comfortable sofas, fun area rugs, and interesting window treatments to make an appearance without busting the cleaning or furnishing budgets.

Diversify Seating Options

Seating in reception or gathering areas doesn’t need to be limited to chairs lined up against a wall or around a table. Pieces in flexible informal groupings will invite and inspire conversation.

Add Art

 Art doesn’t just add interest to a space, it adds soul. Use artwork to enliven spaces, provoke emotion, and inspire curiosity. Paintings, sculpture, photography, and ceramics can be a launch-pad for conversation. Bonus points for supporting local artists or selecting pieces with regional influence.

 Our experienced San Luis Obispo commercial developers specialize in creating people-friendly buildings and communities. To get your next project started, give us a call at (805) 543-7277.

Commercial Construction Trends 2019


Commercial Construction Trends 2019 SLO Roundabout

As 2019 comes to a close, our Central Coast builders are here to break down 5 trends that shaped commercial construction this year. While the use of drones and focus on green practices are fresh in the commercial construction realm, the longstanding skilled labor shortage is nothing new. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in.

Rising Modular Projects 

Modular buildings are going up and for good reason. This trend is growing every year because of the time and materials it saves San Luis Obispo construction companies. From office buildings, stores, and hotels, more and more companies are opting for modular and prefabricated designs that minimize wasted materials and quickly develop a zone with less environmental impact.

Increased Green Construction

Green spaces aren’t just for hippies. More and more commercial design projects are incorporating environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in all phases. From planning, designing, construction and material maintenance, you can expect green commercial construction to expand into 2020.

Drones and Technological Assistants

The use of drones in commercial construction is a game-changer. From video planning footage to surveying, data collecting, and safety inspections, every year these aerial devices become more and more applicable. Although an investment upfront, drones allow San Luis Obispo construction companies to gather information in more cost-effective ways. The prices of these devices are set to drop as the demand increases.

Improved Safety Equipment

One of the most important improvements in commercial construction this year has been in safety tools and equipment. The construction industry has the highest number of preventable fatalities, so the demand for improved hardware is a direct response. Some of the greatest advancements have come in the form of better-fitting personal protective equipment, such as harnesses and vests.

Decreasing Labor Force

Unfortunately, not all trends are positive. There are nearly 250,000 open construction jobs in the United States, and the availability is crippling for some construction companies. Almost 95% of contractors reported difficulty in finding qualified workers. San Luis Obispo construction companies will have to be resourceful and find ways to retain the next wave of workers.

Our Central Coast builders believe in the importance of reflection. We take stock annually to ensure that our building practices are top-of-the-line and take cues from long-standing trends to prepare for the future. In all facets of our San Luis Obispo construction company, we strive to innovate daily. Our vision is simple: to build better.

When it comes time to launch your next commercial project, let our Central Coast builders make it a reality. Reach out to us today at 805-543-7277.

Twin Creeks Project Update


Twin Creeks SLO Housing

Have you heard the news? Twin Creeks is the next big mixed-use community in SLO. Learn all about Abbott | Reeds Builders’ newest project update here.


Modern Industrial Design Principles


SLO Downtown Industrial Design SLO Brew Lofts

Here at Abbott | Reed, we aren’t into templates or one-size-fits-all solutions. We pride ourselves on crafting modern spaces while also pushing the boundaries of creative execution.

Whether you’re launching a local brewery or revving up a new restaurant and bar, our San Luis Obispo construction company is on top of one of the strongest trends in commercial design: industrial features. Today our Abbott | Reed Builders are sharing 5 principles of industrial design, and the way they’re influencing commercial spaces in 2019.

Rough Brick or Concrete Walls

Getting the perfect industrial warehouse look is all about proudly displaying building materials, especially brick or concrete walls. Our builders are stoked to have brought out the best in our latest industrial design project, SLO Brew, by uncovering the gorgeous brick layouts and accenting them with colorful lights and warm wood flooring.

Exposed Pipes and Ducts

Another key feature of industrial spaces is exposed pipes and ducts. Leaving raw elements eliminates the need for further construction, and creates an edgy look. If your commercial space lacks these exposed features, another way to get this style is through exposed pipe furniture with metal tubes and polished brackets.

Wood and Metal Surfaces

Industrial-style interiors call for extra wood and metal, everywhere. Whatever can be exposed is ideal, but this look can also be accomplished through wood paneling, metal bar tables, and through the use of colors such as weathered grey and dark brown.

Vintage Furniture 

Industrial design enthusiasts are all about raw materials, but these edgy features need to be balanced through softer furniture touches. Velvet vintage pieces give a pop of color to a rough space, and other chairs and couches with fur add a stylish flair.

Statement Lighting

Let’s talk lighting. The lighting in industrial spaces should be warm white (especially if it’s a restaurant or bar) to create a more intimate atmosphere. From iron statement pendants to matte metallic chandeliers, go bold with industrial lighting.

Although industrial features are growing more and more popular, our builders are all about making it your own. Our work with SLO Brew and Central Coast Brewing are great examples of ways our builders have crafted unique spaces that our community loves. When you’re ready to make your commercial design dreams a reality, count on our San Luis Obispo construction company to be there every step of the way. Our friendly team is available at (805) 543-7277.

Design Trends in Student Housing


ICON Student Housing

Student housing. For those of us that have been there, it involved anything from brutalist style two bedrooms to bare bones amenities. But the evolving needs and expectations of Generation Z (those born in the mid-1990s to the early 2000s) are dramatically changing the design of university housing here in San Luis Obispo, and across the nation. This new generation of students values technology, privacy, sustainability and inclusivity, and expect these values to be reflected in their living situations on and off campus.

Curious to learn more? Our Central Coast builders and housing developers are sharing six ways the progressive needs of Gen Z is influencing student housing design in 2019.

1. Unit Variety

One bedroom bunk beds are a thing of the past. Gen Z expects options. The blueprints for today’s residence halls include diverse unit types to satisfy different living styles. Blending a variety one to four bedroom units within a building lets students live on their own terms, while also fostering a sense of community.

2. Coed Housing

Coed housing is here to stay and Gen Z is all about it. Exclusively male and female halls are becoming more and more scarce as students and universities embrace gender inclusivity. Coed residential floors, units, and sometimes even bathrooms are increasingly incorporated into student housing design plans.

3. Luxury Amenities

Gen Z wants the most bang for their buck, and this means luxury amenities. Outdoor pools, in-suite laundry, TVs, spa-style bathrooms and hip coffee shops, just to name a few. Modern spaces for entertainment and study will soon be musts in all masterplans. Our Central Coast builders recently completed an amenity-filled student residence here in San Luis Obispo. Check out The Academy at Chorro for total luxury living inspiration.

4. Innovative Common Spaces

A generation born with smartphones, Gen Z values connection and closeness more than you’d think. That’s why common spaces at today’s universities not only encourage academic success, but also support social engagement and relationship building. Spaces within residence halls must be desirable, that means comfortable furniture, lightening fast WiFi, and fun additions like ping pong tables, makers spaces, and study cubicles.

5. Green Features

LEED doesn’t cut it with Gen Z. Growing up in an era where climate change makes for small talk, they expect their university experience to have a minimal environmental impact and maximum green features like solar panels, smart lighting, and efficient appliances. This also includes eco-centric design choices like natural woods and open outdoor green spaces. And of course, hanging plants.

6. Community and Residential Assistants

The transition from living at home to living on their own is a tough one for Gen Z. On and off campus residences alike are adopting an old practice: residential assistants. These paraprofessionals are key in fostering healthy student living, as well as academic success.

At Abbott | Reed, pushing the boundaries of creative execution is our passion. Our housing developers thrive when it comes to building better communities that meet the needs and changing values of end-users across generations. For more information about our student and community housing projects, reach out to our housing developers today at (805)-543-7277.